Create a solution for the Ripon College Department of Athletics to display their trophies and memorabilia. Reflect the department's brand and achieve a high quality design but still ensure maximum functionality both now and in the future.

Move away from pre-manufactured options and go with a completely custom, built-in set of cases uniquely designed for the space. Utilize a clean, modern design with high quality materials that grabs attention. Design the overall layout to allow for stories beyond just trophies to be included. Build in visible and hidden functions that allow for easy, universal access and allow for over 75% expansion of the space in the future if needed. 
One of the key factors in getting approval for the cases, was our belief that they would allow us to not simply display our accomplishments, but truly tell the story of Red Hawks Athletics. Trophies are great, but we all know what makes them special are the stories and the people behind them. And we know that not every worthwhile sports accomplishment comes on the field of competition. This is why we designed the layout of the cases to not only group together accomplishments that told a program's story, but also sought to include non-trophy items that reflected key moments or accomplishments and various plaques that highlighted and told the stories of people instrumental to the history of Red Hawks Athletics.
In order to really elevate the look and "wow" factor of the project, I decided to utilize one of the wall sections for this large graphic wall. Not only did it allow for a huge pop of color that made the cases standout, but it also gave us another opportunity to reflect the history of Red Hawks Athletics. All of the images included in the mural were selected in collaboration with the coaches to display the athletes and/or moments they considered to be most influential on their program. Structurally the wall was also designed to allow for easy removal in the future if a further expansion is needed to accommodate more trophies.
Our motivation for choosing this section of the building was two-fold. First was that it was one of only a handful of spaces that could accommodate a project of this size. Second, and more importantly, was because this section of walkway was a key portion of the tour route for potential students as tour guides took them from the Athletics offices to the facility's field house. And as you can see, after the renovation, it was essentially a "walk by" space and in many ways a void that reflected negatively on the building. 

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