Produce a set of communication materials to help recruit student-athletes. Elevate the look and style to more modern visual standards of NCAA athletics recruiting. 

Strip away all previous designs and start anew. Don't focus on what the brand has done before, but instead on what we can do with it going forward. Modify weight of color combinations, increase use of striking visuals and move away from producing a single item and instead produce an entire family of materials for use on different platforms. 
Always one of our biggest goals with recruiting materials is to use them as a way to generate free hype and publicity for the department. This was the motivating factor in deciding to carry the design over into visuals for all the major social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Story, Snapchat)and provide them to recruits. Our hope being that recruits would take to social media to share their excitement about the offer and mention the college or team in the process. As you can see just from the Twitter screenshots below, the plan was was very successful. 

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