Design a wall installation that combines the college's unique Catalyst brand and core institutional philosophies with the mission of the Franzen Center for Academic Success.

Take both brands and move away from specific past designs and more toward the core principles and philosophies of the brand. Use that new freedom to create a unique design that reflects the Franzen Center's themes of innovation and problem solving. Distill in the larger institutional brand through core design elements and incorporated visuals.
One of the unique challenges that came from using such an intricate layout to the installation, was how to still create a visual hierarchy to the overall design. Beyond the pictures and colors, I achieved this by also incorporating different depths of materials throughout the design. The main section features both 1/4" and 1/2" panels, while the text panel to the right is also printed on mounted class and incorporates 1/4" lettering for the main title. 

These subtle differences in depth really helped create that sense of hierarchy and allow the viewer to process the installation in more manageable chunks
You can see in the graphic above how I went about distilling the college's Catalyst brand down to its foundational elements from a visual standpoint. Doing this allowed me to create a final design that was unique and distinctively different from what the college had done prior, while still creating alignment with their overall creative philosophy. 

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